Jimmy Loves Michelle

Jimmy Loves Michelle—Prologue

Today Jimmy Freeman and his dog Sunshine went together for a long walk in the countryside around his house. Jimmy could never tell whether he was taking Sunshine for a walk or Sunshine was taking him for a walk. Jimmy liked to think, and as he walked he often had much to think about.

Chapter 1—In the Beginning

Jimmy Freeman's wife, Michelle, was on the phone with her mother. She had been chatting with her mother, Estelle, Jimmy thought, more than usual lately. What could it mean?

Chapter 2—Pinetree Road

One ninety-two Pinetree Road was in the middle of a swath of hay fields a mile north of Norway, Maine. Across the busy country road was a pine forest badly in need of thinning. For the most part Pinetree Road was a twisty country back road, but a mile or so before one ninety-two it straightened out and became a race track for the village speedsters.

Chapter 3—Michelle

When Michelle Bonney Freeman went to sleep, she never dreamed and if she ever did, she never remembered what she dreamed; she slept. And when Jimmy got up to go to work, she was sleeping. Lips brushed her forehead, there was a grumble.

Chapter 4—Barn Schizophrenia

 Four years ago a retired man who had somehow managed to hustle a cute, young wife gave Michelle her first goats. He had lived an up and down life; he had even for some reason spent time in jail. He and his young wife liked to wander, so they might end up living in this or that house, often while the houses were up for sale.

Chapter 5—Alone?

Today because of Tuck Jimmy had been late to milking. He would have to take vacation time on the days he worked hours that conflicted with chore times. He could not be late any more; the habits of barn chores clobbered him and hurt too much. He ran up to the house to let out the dogs, who were barking shrilly at his arrival. Then he entered the barn. Once he had grained and watered the girls, they calmed down, but if looks could be daggers…

Chapter 6—What Next?

 So Michelle said, “No thanks to you I got to the airport on time, and so it turned out plenty of time because the pilots were overworked and they couldn't fly any more because of the regulations, or something? Does that sound right?

Chapter 7—Chores

Chores went along peacefully. As he milked he examined the does' feet. Michelle insisted on keeping up with that herself. Nothing would ruin a goat faster than out of shape feet. 

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