After the Storm

                        The wind blustered all night, setting off the motion sensor lights on the barn, and they flooded the front windows of the house. The snow fell ceaselessly and the wind pushed the snow into eerily rounded drifts. The extreme light and shadow from the cold flood lamps on the barn lighted a chill moonscape of fluid pallor. Though the temp was 25f the storm was ending as icy rain. These persistent breakdowns in the stability of the weather are troubling. We have thunder storms in snow squalls while the temperature is in the teens Fahrenheit; rain happens after a week of sub-zero cold; the sun is out, skies clear but snow flutters in the frozen bluster. Did not twister weather pop up around Atlanta the other day? When you ask people who do work outdoors in close association with nature about these persistent dilemmas, they seem confused, even aghast. Our planet is a small miracle of the cosmos. That fact becomes more and more evident as astronomers are able to learn about it. Might not an ignorance here or there break its delicate relationships? At any rate why take the chance? For more go here.


                    I am all about I/O. I don't care where the input comes from either. A fiery argument with the wife of many a year; a long meditation on a UNIX manual page; something somebody said in a testy moment on "Face the Nation"; a notion nestled in the hollows of the torrents of "Aeropagitica"; or The Tractatus, or Finnegan's Wake; a day spent in some building project. Do not they all come down upon one's head a quiet evening after supper? once the dishes are done, the house cleared away, wood in the stove, a good, hot fire raging for the evening? And what about that fishing trip a rough day in Boston Harbor with Santiago and Ingol? The fish were plenty, the fishing was good. The bottom of the boat quivered with a slime of fish shapes and abandoned beer bottles. And why would I be fool enough to make judgments about quality? The one is as good as another in my book; I just hope they don't stop coming for they are my inspiration. For more go here.

Retirement and Eroica

                       So on this day I am retired.  I hope everything works out.  I am listening to the Eroica.  There is an excellent (I think) little movie about the Eroica done by the BBC.  I swear because of the damned BBC I have become half an Englishman, though I don't take it as far as downstairs, Edwardian London.  The movie is factual, documentary in basic style but fictionalized in order to cram in the most information possible.  It is also short, important to us retirees.  It takes up a few minutes over an hour. For more go here.

 Just Simple

                   One day a couple of years ago, I was haying a field on the hillside across the valley from the hillside I live on. The field was owned by an old geezer whose house was similar to a shack. But the shack stood in the middle of a beautiful garden. There was a curious blend of vegetables and flowers, as if he could not figure out which he wanted, and decided to throw in some of both. Perhaps he did not want to decide, that being a part of his simple life, not to debate this or that for no apparent reason, especially when either would be to the good. Other than the garden, he kept the grass around the house and garden nicely mowed, if not pristine.  for more go here

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