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Just to let you know, I live with my wife, Kathleen, at the end of a driveway that is a dirt road off another dirt road. It's about as quiet here as it gets. Our little plot of ground in the foothills of western Maine has made me wonder why I must look to the Republicans for solace and support. They continually amaze me with their lunacy. God help us. Soon they will cease to exist just as Pickett's divisions ceased to exist after Pickett's charge, and there will only be a few liberal Democrats left. We have where we live a Noah's ark of animals. There are goats, pigs, cows, chickens, cats, dogs and vegetable gardens. If put up with the choice my wife would starve herself rather than not feed the animals. With me the writing has gotten way out of hand. Every month I conjure a few journal entries that I think might be interesting to the greater world. This is they.

Aug 23, 2013

We were supposed to get rain last night but didn't, and a beautiful cool morning dawned...for more

Aug 30, 2013

In the grand late summer weather we have been having lately I was happy to start morning chores early. Ezzie, our young Nubian buck, surprised me this morning by how ragged he looks. for more

Sept 8, 2013

There was something about digging potatoes today. I couldn't figure it out. I dug up shovelfuls of soil, revealing the potatoes that popped up as I dug, then I kneeled down to grab them and put them in my bucket. These are the red potatoes my wife likes best.  for more

Sept 15, 2013

Still dark when I got up this morn. I always have the feeling of winter in the air as mornings get darker. I read for awhile. I am right now in a chaos of reading. I can't make up my mind what I want to read. Erich Auerbach has me for now. for more

Sept 18, 2013

A sunshine day! There are no clouds in the sky. It started cool, then when the sun thoroughly fired up the warmth filled body and soul. Perhaps because of the disappointing summer, the more am I appreciative of days like this. for more

Sept 28, 2013

The weather in Maine lately has been typical to the autumn. A low in the Maritimes has been reluctant to pass on. The blunt north-east wind has a chill and the clouds in the afternoon have been thick and dark. And when a cloud slips past the sun, the shadow is ominous. It is a nervous light; it influences one's metabolism. In the end it makes you want to hurry.  for more

Oct 16, 2013

I like to get up very early, sometimes before 4am. Dawn has always been a positive time for me, even when I was having a hard time. The morning is warm and still for this time of year but especially dark. No light at all, not moon nor stars fixed the dark. The dogs went out. The little terrier came back to scratch at the door in a few minutes. for more

Oct 23, 2013

A cold front was passing through this afternoon, bringing in showers and a foreboding winter wind, but the rain stopped and Sunshine and I walked on the north, the downhill, side of Kittridge Brook Road. There used to be big fields in here. Jack Robert's father, a dairy farmer, once worked this land. more here

Nov 14, 2013

I went outside for awhile this morning, then came inside because of laziness and the cold. The wind was worse than irritating, a strong northwesterly. In spring such a wind would not disturb me, but these sudden cold snaps in fall are harder. They bring a noticeable bracing thump to the pulse. for more here

Dec 12, 2013

Still don't know what I want to do. I might retire, I might not. Tonight is bitter cold. I might bundle up and go out, some fresh air might do me good, or I might not. Right now what I really want is a cup of coffee. The pot is empty. It is very silent in the house. The light from the barn is flooding the snow in the dooryard. The curtain to the window beside me is open just enough. here for more

Jan 14, 2014

 It has been a down time. I believe human beings are most closely related to animals that hibernate in winter. The weather has been awful, and my long country driveway is a sheet of ice. The town is down on sand; I have never seen the sandpile so low. I do not feel right about loading my truck with anything more than the standard four five-gallon buckets full, though numerous citizens do not share my inhibition.  for more here

Mar 16, 2014

I snap awake around five, restless in the dark for day to begin. I thank God in my morning prayer that I have slept well and I hurt nowhere. I am at times short on energy. I'd prefer more get up; maybe when the weather finally improves I'll try jogging. A thought of morning coffee crosses my mind, then in the silence I hear a low tumult of windy bluster. The next few nights will be near or below zero, the days frigid. March is acting like a winter month.  for more here

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