Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas is not my favorite holiday. I have always loved Thanksgiving, though it also is getting grossly commercialized. Christmas has gone the way of Sunday, which was lost to all rational people a long time ago. It used to be, and you can't talk me out of it, crassness was a sin, and now it has become a virtue. Walk into any Trump hotel. What about the wave of nausea you get walking in? Playing games with the rules has become a virtue. Life is to be lived on the edge of lawlessness. Then you are being smart. A smart businessman is a fellow who is as close to being a criminal as possible, and virtue is the knack of not getting caught. I will tell you right now, anybody who is making a lot of money is playing games with the law. Wealth is not about happiness or righteousness but keeping the nest of lawyers like hornets around you happy. Our politicians and businessmen and some of the businesswomen are actually proud of their "business acumen", which means how well they play games with the rules. Bruce Poliquin, Maine rep to the U.S. House, even seems quite proud of how his lawyers fix it so he does not pay taxes, and he runs on that ticket and he wins!  He even admits it, and his tax dodging has been documented again and again, and yet he won his seat this year handily. To put it mildly lawyers are not observant of ethics, they must not teach it in school anymore. I will not even talk about the chest beating Trumpy the Pig does about all his bankruptcies and his "secret" non-payment of taxes—"They would just waste the money anyway."  You can't really believe that bankruptcy is "just business" can you?  I am absolutely astonished that a many times bankrupt is now president of the United States. What lunacy elected him?  Probably the same lunacy that turned Christmas from a sacred day to another business day.

How did it happen that the inhabitants of a "Christian" nation have come to acting thus that they have seemed to lose track of what is just?  Over the past ten years especially I have noticed it. They were years of war. In the early seventies I remember at the end of and following another wartime disaster Americans in general seemed to lose their orientation. Now it looks like wartime is normal. We don't want to get out, and while American youngsters die, we are horrified to discover that maybe we can't get out. So now we are nervous and the stress has led us to a phony businessman who happens to be in fact a racist and a many times bankrupt. It looks like we are facing several years at least of government by the 1 percent. What does that do for you, who voted for him?  What were his promises?  He promised everything, and he and his billionaire cohorts are not going to do anything but rape you. There is not going to be a wall, the swamp won't be drained, a pathetic few hundred dollars per person in tax cuts will end up being paid for by the suckers many times over. Obviously it is fortunate that the military did not do the dirty deed, as has happened in many other countries suffering from fractured persona, but the generals have been kept busy with other projects. So we have a bankrupt for President Christmas 2016.

As you can see I am struggling for an answer why this has happened. Here's another attempt. Also in the early '70's the abortion issue came up. I happened to be in academia as a student at the time and everybody was warning about it, how it would become a major issue and might even change history. Trumpy's absurd and inaccurate description of abortion law in the third debate, for instance, is another one of his numerous lies. I think he has it mixed up with something else. That the cognizant and feeling baby is ripped out of the mother by the throat in the ninth month by cold and ignorant people and put into a bottle to be studied by medical students is farfetched to put it mildly. This election was not about change, as the kids in the press have said a thousand times, it is about the blacks and browns who are taking over and about babies being ripped out of the womb. This election was about these two issues not about change; it is about going backwards, cancelling human progress and returning, if possible, to pre-Gettysburg. And the forces who are obsessed by these two issues chose a bankrupt and a liar as their champion. These two issues created their state of mind, which no amount of reason could deflect. Merry Christmas!

Here is another clumsy attempt to explain this new year, another among a plethora. OMG, V. Putin is a strong leader worthy of admiration. All the jerks and murderers in the Kremlin for the last century are what they are. And you can take that to the bank. America, you have lost your mind.

There are many others, the most important of all being gender bias. America was not ready to move on in gender.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Winter Cardio for Fat Slobs

In the winter in Maine if you are getting old and maybe not so agile or athletic as back in the day, it is hard to get enough exercise to stay healthy.  Maybe you'll have to clear out the garage for long enough to get in a work out.  Now that most of the animals are gone, a small part of the barn beside the goat pen with the two stray milkers might work.  And you can maybe mend relations with the goat or cow or horse, carry on a chat with them, who are lonely, you being stuck in the living room with the TV all the time. You are nothing like the righteous gentleman farmer you used to be. In winter most old Mainers get fat, and then their legs go the way of their dreams.  Remember the first car you ever had that didn't rattle, remember making out in the back seat? Remember the big possibilities?  But you don't have to get fat and become a sit down slob, right?

I have been watching the cross training here among many other places of Dimitry Klokov. He is a very popular character on the web, and you can get ideas from how he trains and does things. Buy one of his t-shirts for inspiration.

Klokov, being at the end of a legendary career, looks for a big blow every time he trains. You can do all this stuff in a small area and you don't need a lot of fancy equipment. Everything is up tempo. No time to waste walking around trying to figure out how to get out of your work out. Instead, you get right to the cardio. Klokov gets stuck on an exercise and he keeps at it.  Instead of that dumbell, substitute a broom handle or crowbar.

One I like is skipping rope, though it took me a long time to get going on it. Some old men are capable of hanging on to basic strength, but endurance goes down the tubes. Another exercise I see Klokov encouraging people to do to build up basic strength for other more complicated and difficult exercises is beat on an old tire with a sledge hammer. Try that and eventually work up to 100 reps. You can easily do that in a small garage space. Then pick up the tire by an edge and flip it over till you get to a good blow. If by some miracle of life you don't have an old truck tire abandoned in the back forty, you can get truck tires at the dump for nothing. I am impressed by this stuff because it gets to the cardio and it is general body. The idea of spending hundreds of dollars on exercise equipment makes no sense to me. Klokov doesn't have any of the exercise machine manufacturers tattooed on his chest. Barbell, dumbbell, kettle-bell and wooden boxes are about it. You can get everything you need at the dump. He says he gets fired up by weights that have some color to them. Put a chain on your big junk tire and tow it around the yard. Just make sure you find a place to work on the abs. And don't forget flexibility exercises. The older you get the more important those abs are. Old folks get really soft in the ab area. And get off your sorry butt, get your legs into motion and drag something around for ten minutes a day. Eventually it might be so much fun that you'll try some of the other stuff, and increase your exercise program to twenty minutes a day plus a twenty minute walk with the dogs. That goes for you ladies, too, who think you must be dead by 70.

I have been running into the stupid old man or stupid old woman syndrome quite often lately, as I am always out and around in the world. Shy and retiring isn't my thing. One of my fellow stupid old men says it is class warfare, it has to do with the grey hairs and the colored hairs, and we must get up our spirit to battle them. Work out every day, fellow stupid old folks, and get up some spirit to take them to task, those youngsters, whom I have noticed acting very stupidly lately. At the very least you'll wake up the wild old cat who is curled up in the shavings on a cold winter day looking like a hockey puck.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Where are we now?

So what is going on?  Here's where we are:

1. Now that the Trump propaganda machine is revving up, we have begun to notice the pusillanimity of the media. This will continue and get worse until serious people will have to struggle to get the truth. (There's no truth, remember?  Even a lie is the truth.)  Lies will abound if you care or not. If you don't care about truth, you will be in your prime. Such as, for instance: a witch hunt will start over Hillary's back. etc. She has "blood on her hands" already and the child porno ring was just the beginning. Trumpy the Pig will end up witch hunting because of the ignorance of his base. Trumpy is nothing without his base.  The electoral college handed him the election not the people.

2. I said many times at the beginning of last year—go here and here among others—what this election would come down to: that is the outrageous gender bias that nobody talks about that is so obvious. America is not ready to move on with gender. Comey's face sticks out in all of this; there is also Putin, a murderer and despot, a blood enemy of political freedom. All of this is being discussed in the most off-hand way by people who should know better. There was no way this election was anywhere near fair. To think otherwise is ridiculous. And of course if it had been a male candidate, then Comey or Putin would not have happened. And Trumpy would not have been given a pass on all of his lies.

3. Now for the server. Nobody is more digitized than Trumpy the Pig, and nobody will ever see any file on his servers that is the least bit incriminating, unless it is hacked or otherwise stolen somehow. We will never know his taxes or his financial situation or the criminal element he has for many years cooperated with. He admits to playing games with taxes and the numerous bankruptcies are obvious. In fact, he admits to them, calls them good business. All these shady practices will continue, and worsen, and soon his propaganda machine will terrify "the media", especially the huge outlets like CBS, whom he, like the average despot, will be easily powerful enough to destroy. As I have been saying, if you think Hillary's server was bad, wait till Trumpy the Pig gets his own servers revving. He will bypass all of the normal government outlets and scare the bejesus out of the kids in the media, who are already too scared to talk truthfully about anything.

4. Now lets think for a moment about all the dyspeptic white men he is surrounding himself with. They are all as ignorant and inexperienced as the Pig is. They are rich: I should do another blog on how easy it is to make money. What more do you need to know?  They will all be consummate yes-men, and they will play the game with the shady witlessness of the Big Pig, their master. (And incidentally nobody but another pig can do it. That leaves out most of our educated American sons and daughters who were not brought up that way. It is the big secret of despotism. Nobody but another pig can do it.)  The obvious racism of his base will make it difficult to avoid what I know no effort will be spared to make happen. Black folks beware! The Big Pig will always return to the primal witlessness of his base.

5. I live in Maine, and in Maine we have a shadow pig of the Big Pig. He has screamed jobs, jobs, tax cuts tax cuts—he is Paul LePage, a little man, a racist, without ability to innovate, as is Trumpy the Pig—at least a thousand times since he became governor. But the racism and the endless haranguing of business has made every possibility that could make Maine richer disappear. Businesses leave because they know they could not get talented employees to move here. People born in Maine who love the big woods won't come back because they can't afford it. It is absurd to think that a black college grad with possibilities would want to move here. It has been all over the news.

6. The thought that this motley crew will do anything about the deficit is beyond ridiculous.

7. American womanhood who voted for Trump, what were you thinking?  All of the hard fought liberties and equalities of the last three or four generations are about to go down the drain. Don't you understand how lawless these constipated white men are? You deserve everything you get. And the black folks who didn't show up to vote. Good luck!

So here's where we are. An unfair election is nowhere being noted by anybody except a few "crybabies". The major networks are too busy playing with themselves and setting themselves up for what is about to happen so they won't lose ad money. Trumpy the Pig and chief liar is setting himself up solid with Wall Street, oiling up his propaganda machine, and he will begin to lose his soul to the tycoons next month. His base will be crying for Black ass. I don't see any heroes on the horizon. He'll snort a couple of times and give them what he can—as many as he can.

Here's what we do. Take care of your neighbors. And fellow bloggers, at least those who won't lie for money: hold on! We are the last defense. There is nothing rational at all about what is about to happen.