Saturday, November 12, 2016

Beware, Citizens, Trumpery is About

About a month ago I thought that I was finished with this election. I had had enough. But my wife got interested, and when you are old and have been married a long time it is happy when you can get together on some subject. So we started watching MSNBC and CNN and others all day. We watched and watched fighting back amusement and disgust and times of intense anger. Nobody seemed to be getting it right. I began to warn my dogs before we went out together in the dark after supper not to wander far from me, there was "Trumpery about". But we continued to watch till the bitter end when Hillary appeared to be losing Pennsylvania. Then my wife said "Okay, shoot me." I couldn't think of anything to say. In my lifetime or hers we will never again see another woman candidate who can contend. Why? How many Hillary Clintons do you think there are in the world? I'll let you mull on that if you are capable of mulling.

Now I am reading everywhere about what I expected to read, which is everything but the one reason, and I don't think there is another reason, why she lost: gender bias. She lost because she was a woman, and Americans are not ready, and might never be, to move on with gender. In fact Trump will exacerbate gender bias, lean on it making it worse. He will turn all progress in that direction on its head because he knows perfectly what his base wants. He will hire a few women, they will be pretty, at least pretty, not too bright, not "nasty", and they will let him, at least for awhile, feel them up. But there is a lot more to gender bias than that. When I talk about gender bias, I am talking about a lot of subjects. But you know what they are, and though Trump's base knows what they are also, they are disinclined to think about them.

Which brings up quickly another subject. I am not one of those college professors that march around the sticks looking for reasons for the voter map of 2016. They saw blue cities and they saw the sticks in red. I live here in the sticks, and I can tell you the reasons why the hillbillies did not vote for Hillary. It is not racism, although there is plenty of that they still voted for Obama. And it is not that they feel left out from the free government and big city benefits that the suburbs get, which is a major theme of folks who wander around the sticks to study hillbillies like me. Just to be plain, there is a lot of fucking shit we don't want. We want the sticks. We don't want multi-lane highways cutting through our big woods from east to west and we damned sure don't want the Federal Government stepping in to turn our big woods, lakes and rivers to national preserves. Frankly, personally, I don't want the polluting paper mills. They stink, they all can go to China. You don't live in rural Maine for very long to realize that we have different needs. You don't take our guns away, you don't restrict our woods and you don't make us work when we don't want to. We don't need anything new. We don't need rules, restrictions. And most especially we don't want a woman president. Especially one who threatened, though vaguely, to take our guns away. Besides, women aren't tough, and the barbarians are at the gate. We don't want a woman that makes a guy look bad, either, as Hillary did so many times in this campaign. A woman who does that is a "nasty" woman, and if you are a "nasty" woman, as Trump informed us, you don't get enough votes to win.

Of course, nobody is talking about gender bias, except a few of the ladies who have exceptional fortitude in their hearts, that being hardly a one. Most women, even the "heroic" single mothers, don't care that they are second class citizens. Not even good enough citizens to get proper health care if they want and need it. They are too busy. You have to work the OT to put supper on the table for the kids; there is no time to better your self. Distractions are everywhere. Somebody gets sick, you have to stay home. If you have by some happenstance become a single mother, by the end of the day there is nothing left. Everything is so complicated. You might go to church where they teach you guilt. One recent good example was when Bruce Jenner became a woman. Though the pastors explained it in subtle, diffident language, it was the natural outcome of the present weakness of American motherhood that caused it. So that's the sticks. Whether it was "that" "crooked" woman or any other Joan of Arc in the world the sticks, to a last man or woman, would come out to vote against a woman. Any man and I mean any man could have run against Donald Trump and won. Are you kidding? All those bankruptcies! Wow! But that was something we forget about. Even the FBI got involved. All men! There was no logical reason for it, and I firmly believe that they knew it was exactly the right time. Hillary's campaign would have tanked if it had not been for the Obamas. But it was just enough to make the difference. Trump fear was a big reason. People got scared. Comey got scared. The hillbillies got scared. On the positive side, half of the hillbillies won't come out to vote again for another twenty years.

But I think it is time that this subject should enter the national discussion to a degree that it deserves. Quite a few women are around and they are American, too. But Hillary has lost so it'll get buried because Donald will shake a stick at it the same as Donald will shake a stick at discussion about the fact that there are too many guns around. Women with the looks, the figure, the style who have been lucky and willing to appear relatively naked in magazines will not push it because it is "nasty". And "nasty" women are nasty. Nobody likes them; they don't get along. Curiously, the same phenomenon makes it hard for women, even the ones who have lost children to gun violence, to take up that subject with their husbands. They are afraid. It is nasty.

Hillary was abandoned by the very women—and men, too–who stand to lose the most from a Trump presidency. The thought of Donald Trump calling them nasty was too much for them. The anxiety that drives them speaks as badly for them as it does for Donald Trump, the bully.