Sunday, September 11, 2016

Trumpy the Pig

Do old men naturally evolve to thinking about politics? No. ISIS is bad but when ISIS is finished there will be another. When nervous fringers see a monument in Trumpy, I see a pathetic overweight carpetbagger with a big jet. He loves that jet. I think that he has been searching all his life for a job that would profit as he rode around in it. He wears a lot of hats, just ask him. I have known rich people like that. He's a simple hard-working rich guy who loves whatever he can put his name on. I wonder if he would actually live in the White House. And if he didn't, what would that mean? Maybe he and wife would change the name. It scares me to think how he might change the decor. Motel modern, like Trump towers? I have never observed a public figure I have thought of more scornfully. How can stupidity be trumped? Why should an old man like myself care? I'll be dead soon, and I have a beautiful late summer evening to listen to. Besides, this is only the beginning. You can't get rid of pigs once they get loose.

But I am thinking about politics. Old men must naturally evolve to thinking. What else can they do? Besides, what's Trumpy the pig gonna do about me? He says he's packing. Kill me? I'm gonna be dead in a few years anyway. What's the difference a few years more or less. But is there anything about politics that is worth thinking about? That is the question. You see one thing, then it disappears, then you see it again maybe a generation or less later. What's the sense in thinking about comes and goes? But a man from India, I think, years ago, once reminded me that there is nothing else than politics worth thinking about, whether it comes and goes or not. Still it is hard. If somebody took upon himself to call me a bigot, for instance, I would burst out laughing. If somebody tried to prosecute me for some hypothesis by means of an email or series of emails stolen from my personal server by a criminal, I would burst out laughing. Some things you have to do, though the doing may seem absurd, like thinking about politics, or they don't get done. Not doing sometimes creates worse problems. Trumpy the pig claims he has common sense. Oh brother!

I don't know enough about American History to say definitely that the present time is different, but I honestly want to say that anyway. Our Maine governor, Paul LePage who is a racist, he happens to hate brown and black people, made a recent unfortunate phone call which is hard to think about it is so ridiculous. I theorize that he is suffering from a substance abuse problem. Trump is a teetotaler I have heard, but you can't tell me that. I feel like an alien from a lost planet. How can you explain this, which makes no sense? My wife and I kid each other about the spaceship from the home planet suddenly appearing to return us back. At any rate, something is happening, and it is happening in front of us. Think of it, this is history! How are the historians of the future going to explain Trumpy? As they have Huey Long or Ronald Reagan or Theodore Roosevelt? But he is not like anybody I can think of. He is Trumpy the pig.

I wonder if Trumpy's game isn't divide and conquer. It wouldn't be planned out, by accident, say. That has been my fear for a long time, that somebody would get elected that nobody likes. LePage never figured it out, but that's how it turned out. Hardly anybody likes him but nobody else could get enough votes to defeat him. We Mainers have especial experience with this: LePage's governorship has been a long story of debacles, fanning fires that didn't need fanning, loud, well publicized self-destructiveness. And now the true fringe racism is revealed. And it is "deplorable", as Hillary says. (I would used a different word: sucks, shits, stinks come immediately to mind.) What did Donald Trump accomplish by calling Hillary a bigot the other day? Every day there is some blatant brush fire started for no particular reason.

So I do carry on thinking about the "deplorable" and the "deplorables". Will politics come down to college grads versus non-college grads, or some other arbitrary fragmentation? In high school in the sixties I remember my fellow mates who didn't know who the vice president was. But they didn't know who the vice president of anything was, and I liked them nevertheless. Today I know people who rant about computers and servers and big data which they believe is the cause of all this commotion. Get rid of big data and everything wrong will right itself again. I don't agree with them, but I don't dislike them. Hillary is the devil in the computer box, she threatens children and families. Moms and Dads cannot sleep at night thinking about it. There are many such people and everyone has their own especial rant. My rant is simply this: how could a man with as many bankruptcies behind him as Trumpy the pig run for president of the US? Why wouldn't he hide his head in shame? How dumb is that? You pay your bills. Why does that sound so strange?


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