Saturday, September 17, 2016

Trumpy the Pig at the Bazaar

A funny thing happened on the way to the bazaar: Trumpy the Pig quit his birther notion, blaming it on Hillary. Everybody is in an uproar, but facts aren't what this election is about. It is about an invasion of black and brown people, a funny religion, a wall and terror. The only way to kill Trumpy's terror is to create a greater terror. Okay, let's take a look at Trumpy himself.

His twisted message is about the superiority of white America. Everybody knows, says the message, that this colored, big-eared guy who has been president for forever isn't worth much. He is a stooge of the funny religion and dark countries. Look at Cuba! It makes you think, don't it? Putin is a better leader than he is. Trumpy no longer cares if the press is following him. He can leave them totally out of the picture, slime through the debates with outrageous lies and he can still win the election. He can say anything he wants. He might even skip a debate or two because why bother, there is no advantage to it. He builds his popularity around machismo, which appeals to American Patriarchy. It is hard to battle because it is all state-of-mind. Besides, "Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it." It is a fearful tale of a solitary hero.

I wish I could understand where he got the idea of making his corps fear. But then, that's what a bully does. It comes naturally. He often doesn't seem that much in tune. But he must be, right?

I have always thought racism was fundamental to the American temper. They go along against it, but then, you know… And right now a great majority of Americans,–this has surprised me, the number, I knew it was there but the number–, though the minority may plead otherwise, fear that America will take on the look of a third world country. It's appearance will be multi-racial, there will be a peasantry from Mexico or anywhere, and they will fuck up the old white bloodlines, and they will despoil white American maidenhood, and that is more than many Americans can handle. Secretly they want a white despot like Putin who won't allow such a thing to happen.

(The young folks who run the media are hiding this "trend" from themselves. They avoid discussing it, even the black youngsters who absolutely should. Liberals think it is too odious to talk about. They cringe, avoid it. When Trumpy called Marco Rubio "Sonny" or "boy" or whatever it was, I knew.)

And that's how Trumpy will present himself. He may veil the terms, but they must be clear enough for his corps to know. His philosophy is a dumb, playground mixture of Norman Vincent Peale and the KKK. It is spur of the moment philosophy. Maybe he will say: I don't think I can build a wall, Mexico won't pay for it. And that will be okay because at least he tried. Is it his fault that Mexico won't cooperate like it should? And besides, the fix is in. Brown and Black people have done it again. Maybe we should invade. With these new generals we will be able to. "I alone can fix it." And this will solve the problem of rapist brown people from Mexico. You don't have to be clairvoyant to figure it out.

Now what will he do with the debates? Will he decide to avoid them because how can the coverage be fair? They will check his facts but not Hillary's facts; they will rig the debates against him. How can he win a debate in such an unfair system? Why don't they check Hillary's facts? Well they don't, and our hero is getting beaten by an unfair system. This is what I mean by state-of-mind. Trumpy the Pig preys on it.

One woman I work with is absolutely convinced that Hillary's people will organize busloads of "blacks" and they will invade the polling stations, they will come up even to her own little town and they will vote for Hillary again and again and nobody will know about it, and because the system is rigged, nobody will stop them. She can't be talked out of this belief. I laugh at her and the only way I have been able to connect with her in any way is by suggesting that maybe she ought to go someplace quiet and sit down and figure out how that would happen. She says she did that and now she has even better ideas about how the system will do it. So her hero, the hero of the people, Donald Trump, will fall by treachery.

Also, the server has the mythic power over her like Pandora's box from which great evils will pop out. They will pop out of this server and they will threaten her family, her children and she can no longer feel safe. I am afraid to ask her what she thinks Google is. Maybe she should ask the FBI. Nor do I think her ideas are that unusual.

Now the birther issue comes up. It is more of the same. That won't stop. The thought has always occurred to me that Trumpy the Pig DOES NOT WANT THE JOB. He'd much rather dick around showing people his properties. I must be missing something. That is another legend of the America temper: the job seeks you. Soon he will be forced to stop dicking around with his properties and take on the job that the American people have thrust upon him.

You can theorize all day. Trumpy is definitely a noble patriarch, and Hillary is the little woman. Oh come on, how can the little woman be President? I mean really.

Another good question: how can Mike Pense, who has seemed to me reasonable, except for the mild stench of evangelical racism he hides, stomach hanging around with that nut. And to think it is only gonna get worse. But Trumpy has been blunt about abortion and the Supreme Court. And it goes with his general racism that he doesn't like gays. If you are Evangelical, there's nothing more you need to know.

There is the possibility that Trumpy is an all right guy, he is just losing his mind.

Scared yet? There's more.


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