Monday, September 12, 2016

More Trumpy the Pig

Liberal thinking journalists are by nature cowards. They have never been friends of Democracy. One thing about Rush, who claims he is a Conservative, he is not a coward. If he were in Russia, he wouldn't shut his mouth. Of course, in Putin's Russia he would have been rounded up and sent to Siberia. A big mouth conservative Marxist? I don't think so. Rush, who is up and down on Trumpy the Pig, depending on what Trumpy has done in the last few hours, has moderated in the last few years. Maybe I have been lucky because when I end up listening to him once in a while when there is nothing else on the radio, he has seemed less excitable. But there are moderates in the media, and the moderates, who play with celebrities on morning television, tell you Trumpy is a tough interview. They make up all sorts of involved, inaccurate analogies. They pride themselves in their conciliatory lack of excitability. Why don't they admit it? Trumpy is not a tough interview. He is like a bully on the playground whom these press people are afraid of. Point out to Trumpy that Putin is a despot and all the guys in the Kremlin were despots. And then call him Trumpy and laugh at him. I'm sure they will never do that because they're cowards. Besides Trumpism is a state-of-mind and it has nothing to do with facts. What this election will come down to is if America is ready to break into American patriarchy and elect a woman. It won't be the economy, it won't be the server, the illegals, brown or black, it won't be Russia or ISIS, it won't be the KKK, it will be if America is ready to move on with gender.

Here's how you deal with Trumpy. First of all, you put a hard question to him, like all simple, unthinking people, his face gets red. His body language toughens. DO NOT CONTRADICT! Even while Matt Lauer was glad-handing him in such an obvious way, Trumpy's face was turning a ghastly shade of red, and I believe he was sweating. (Why did not anyone notice?) I for one would have given anything to have anybody remind him, "Trumpy, Putin is a despot. All those guys in the Kremlin were despots and before that they had Tsars. They are a sorry bunch." (Could it be the "moderate" press secretly loves a despot?) But there he was, red-faced, packing, and glad-handed.

One good Trumpy trick is to snarl and turn back on you, "Want me to tell you what Obama does?" (That may have been a key moment in the evening, maybe in the election. Lauer seemed to blanch and he continued on. Was it a worry about time or just plain fear?) And of course if you have any courage at all you immediately say "yes". That is the oldest playground trick in the world. "You know what YOU do?" It is sheer intimidation. Immediately putting the reasonable person on the defensive. "Say, 'Okay, tell me,'" and then the bully will ahem and haw, bring up some totally ridiculous impressions without any factual truth, they will sweat, and bluster and look ridiculous. It was like on the playground, there were the smart kids and then there was the bully. The smart kids were easily intimidated, and they rarely rose to the occasion because they didn't want to get slammed. Don't forget, Trumpy the Pig is packing. I wonder if he is REALLY packing, like right now? But Matt was probably worried about losing his job. The bully always knows who can be bought and sold and who can be bent down. Talk about pay for play! It has nothing to do with factual truth. It is more about after the election. Anybody who would like to buy real estate from that guy, good luck.

I could go on and on. Why don't they ask him how he plans to deport millions of people? Why don't they insist that he answer? Why don't they threaten and bully an answer out of him? How do you do it in a "nice way"? Are these people who are about to be deported going to run to Trumpy the Pig and turn themselves in? What are these safe havens? Who is going to be deported? What does it all mean? Meanwhile, what happens to big data, what happens to my cell phone and my server, and do I get deported when I will tell you to your face you are Trumpy the Pig and a big, fat hoot. He has to answer these questions. On the other hand the press has no problem dealing with Hillary. They put up all sorts of excuses why they are being unfair to her, why they are refusing to move on, though she has given the same answer to the same questions for fifteen months now and nobody has been able to prove anything. Of course they don't have a problem, she is a woman and women are not bullies. Even though the press may be acting like assholes, they are not going to lose their jobs. But Trumpy is gonna get you. I wonder how many people he has ruined? We will never know.

What kind of a man would go out in public and act that weird? When Trumpy came to Maine he carried on about the immigrants at length, not knowing a single thing about them, not knowing a single one of them, but in terms of the most absurd bluster. (I might add the Maine press was strangely silent. But this is Maine, which is a foreign country. Intelligent people want out of Maine as soon as they can walk. Besides, nobody reads Maine newspapers any more. They are not worth paying for.) Trumpy wandered on stage as if he had just woken up from a long sleep. He looked sleepy. This is too weird. Does he sleep all day on his plane while he is wandering around? Does he take pills? What do we know about this guy? What is he going to tell Dr Oz? The press is afraid to tell you anything or to find anything out. I doubt he had any idea what he was gonna say. It was off the wall and off the cuff. But bullies are like that. They step on your toes, they get state-of-mind. Facts are meaningless. But he looked lousy. I would be afraid, if I ever had a chance to interview him, which why shouldn't I?, I am a blogger and I bet there are a thousand of us on Quora alone or Reddit who would love to get in there and direct toward him a few questions the moderate press will NEVER put to him, I would be afraid that if I asked him where he got his information about Putin and modern day Russia that if he answered at all, he might have a heart attack. In Europe the intellectuals would have burned, excoriated, trivialized Trumpy the Pig into obscurity forever for remarks like that. But in America the intellectuals, except us bloggers, are afraid of their own shadows. But Trumpy knows perfectly that in America he doesn't need factual answers and he doesn't really care about factual answers anyway; all he has to do is go to Twitter and bluster, and his wife blusters, she's so empty headed she can't make up 140 characters of her own to bluster with, and so do his kids, who are good kids, loyal to Papa. But can you win an election via Twitter? That would be a first.

Trumpy is so easy to prick holes in. The hot air seeps out, the bluster disappears. Another bullying trick. When he is alone with you and nobody else is around, he'll almost act rational. Oh, man did he ever suck up Katie Tur one day! He did the same thing to Megyn Kelley, who has gone south since. Actually, a pig can be sweet even. Just ask any farmer. Get him alone. Incidentally, this all cuts across party lines. There are Republicans who are as afraid of him as there are Democrats. I am sure, if Hillary wins, after the election, the Republicans will have plenty to say about their courage in standing up to him. The only people I know of who are not afraid of him are Hillary and Bill. Trumpy says he is studying to prepare himself. Duh! Good luck. One thing about the Clintons is that when faced by endless advertisements, stupid glossing over, inaccurate data, and shilly-shallying journalists, they seem to rise. They don't fall. They seem inspired. It is a gift God gives to some people.

I have for a long time felt that America was ripe for a despotism. It can happen really fast, you know, and I no longer think that America has the strength to fight it off. These may be historic times. It will be interesting to find out who can take the heat, who will end up defending American democracy. And who will be sucked under. Name me one person who will say "No!" When you see somebody strangling the cat, you say, "Stop. You're strangling the cat." They may say, "Oh, he has a bad foot anyway." That doesn't change anything.


(Oh, incidentally, this is all a joke. Just being sarcastic. What's the matter? I can't be sarcastic?)

LONG LIVE CELL PHONES, SERVERS AND BIG DATA! I hope that after Hillary quits having to answer to the science-and-technology haters, she gets her own server again. Set one up, and it sure does work slick. Anybody who can't pair a bluetooth headphone to their iPhone is truly a "deplorable". I mean it. There seem to be plenty of them around. More than half.

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