Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Besides being chock full of excellent weather, at least up Maine, this summer has been very interesting, and it is getting more and more interesting. Teflon is already insinuating that if he loses it will be because the election system is rigged. The upshot being, since he speaks for the people, the system is rigged against the people. The media also is rigged (biased or slanted) against himself, in fact, the media is the enemy. Uncovered facts continue to swirl: an underworld of political assassinations by the Clintons; Hillary's low energy and bad health: seizure medication. Fame and stolen emails!

How can she possibly bear up to the struggle with ISIS? At the same time Teflon doesn't look well at all. He must be drinking. His face looks reddish and bloated. It can't be the tanning.  When he was here in Maine, he looked weary, looked wiped out. Has anybody noticed? What will happen if say with 50 days to election, facing an historic landslide loss, he just decides to skip it and go on a long vacation? Has anybody thought about that? Recently he has looked increasingly unhappy.

Teflon has been crunched by wrenching, negative biographies which tell the tale of his unsavory family history and numerous bankruptcies. (How is he going to get around the bankruptcies? This seems so dumb to me, I don't know where to start.) I guess if you could pull out the family jet and do enough low level buzzing he might get by. He seems to love airplanes, even ones that he hasn't seen. So long as he doesn't open his mouth.

Is this a joke? How can anyone imagine that he can act like a real estate salesman and become President? He must not have read any American history at all. How many Americans do you know who can act the way Teflon does and not feel embarrassed with themselves?

For a long time I have thought that it wouldn't take much to curtail American Democracy. Though hopefully not kill it. And seriously, Donald Trump is a lightweight. He is living proof that you don't have to be very smart to make a lot of money. You just have to want to make a lot of money at all costs. Also, he is proof of the respect for wealth that is welded into the American character. Americans love wealth and the do whatever it takes attitude that comes with it has never been a drawback. I know Americans are not big on morals. Look at the Kennedy's Papa. The question has come up: why bother to vote at all? And if that does happen, people stay home, it should work more in favor of Hillary because there are more Democrats around.

All comparisons of Teflon with Ronald Reagan or Teddy Roosevelt are ridiculous and odious. Anyone who says that can't be serious.

I no longer think that America has the will to fight off an attack from a serious political. I might be exaggerating. What disturbs me is the fact that who Teflon attracts aren't interested in reality, they care about a state of mind. It isn't so much Trump as the world he appeals to. But there aren't enough of them. How can there be enough of them? Nobody likes Hillary but nobody likes Donald either. You can check his facts all you want, he lies and exaggerates impetuously, splendidly in fact, but the falseness of anything he says is meaningless to the people he appeals to. His lies are not debatable.

Bigotry, for example, is not about reason. You can be a bigot, make a bigoted statement and back off and that makes you not a bigot? You can be unreasonable and back off and then be reasonable again? Of course, if it does not disturb your state of mind.

Apparently, you can say anything you want so long as you back off on it.

Even his gestures are strange. He is forever hanging his right hand in the air with thumb and forefinger together. Then he'll almost turn his back to the crowd, as if in contempt, his tongue will flicker, wiping his lips, and then his eyes will turn back with an eerie glare like a pitcher about to go head hunting. He has hired a devil's crew to surround himself with. They are the worst lush face bastards I ever saw. I'm sure they'll be plenty of drinking in the Trump campaign. I'm sure there has been plenty already. Would you ever for any amount of money want anything to do with them? I would not.

But Teflon has managed to tap into something different, I honestly don't know what it is. I haven't read enough American history to be able to recognize it. Maybe it is a new territory. Before Teflon found it, I think I suspected there was something there, but I never imagined it could be that crude. It reminds me of an ignorance that is almost medieval. Back in a time when nobody knew how to read or write. Of course millions of Americans are not that bright, or that well-informed. But the greater millions, I trust, are very well-informed, though there are only a few who know everything. That is not anything new. Ignorance is not new.

Whatever this is, hardly anybody has managed to understand it. The media, (that means everybody, not just NBC or CBS or Fox), is for the most part as befuddled as I am or anyone else. What is it? Where did all the exaggeration come from? Rush made millions exaggerating the decline of America. He hit on the flea in the ointment. But I bet you anything he wouldn't be able to define this other thing either. Many times I have listened to him lately seeming confused about where the damned flea is that he has depended on for so many years. He blathers, goes on sudden breaks. I think that he is wondering where to direct his appeals for money now there is a new kid emerging.

I am old and retired and just getting by. But I don't worry about myself as much as I worry about the young folks working OT, husband-and-wife, never seeing each other with the kids, and still just barely making it. Any possibility of self improvement is ridiculous. It is a tiresome life. Which, Hillary or Donald, will somehow figure out how to alleviate this dilemma? Probably neither. But I doubt that Teflon, an expert on bankruptcy, will ever attach himself to this bitter problem or any other.

Then put him next to the button! It has been a long time since anybody has thought about that, the most important fact of modern life, the nuke.

I wish I could remember a time to remember that was close to being similar. People who urge you to remember are ignorant. There is no time like this to remember. It is different.

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