Sunday, August 7, 2016

Crooked Hillary

I have been thinking a lot about crooked Hillary, monster, mass murderer, unwashed Hillary. This campaign season has been amusing and interesting more than normal. A lot of my thinking has been about the northern mountain woman I met at the dog shelter, although she did eventually admit that "she didn't like either of them". Each time she pronounced Hillary she bluntly used the epithet "Crooked". I thought she was hung up on the server. She seemed unclear what a server is.  I don't think she knew what a server is. When I said that there was nothing wrong with owning a server, that it was legal, she said, "What's wrong with doing it on the telephone?" I said, "Yes, but nobody does it that way anymore." Frustration and anger covered her face. For many millions of Americans computers are still evil. Computers are why nothing works anymore, why the children have become immoral, and so on. Much, if not everything, that is wrong with society can be attributed to the use of computers. Not only does Hillary use a BlackBerry, or whatever it is, so also does her buddy Obama, but Hillary owns a server and she runs it herself. But that wouldn't make her a monster would it?

I think the photo of Hillary in dark glasses holding up her BlackBerry is a reality problem for her. If Hillary were male, that photo would not have been mass-produced a million times in the media the way it was. The photo is very colorful, but it projects a shady image and adds to the "above the law" and the strange mass murderer insinuation that is going around about her and Bill. Many millions of Americans vigorously defend this insinuation with their above the law beliefs. All of this is so odd to me, and inexplicable, that it is hard for me to think about. But on the other hand it is also hard for me to ignore. How could it happen? When before have such extremes been matched? It is so completely unlike the American temper to hoot and call names and act this way.

I could provide another recital of Hillary and Bill's brilliant career but it has all been done a thousand times and doesn't need to be done again by a blogger. I could carry-on in wonder about Ken Starr, the Benghazi affair, and the recent server investigations, all of which cost the American public millions of dollars, and ended up with nothing. Miss Lewinsky was a great past time for a while. I guess that was one of Bill's errata but for some reason Hillary is involved in Bill's sexual peccadillos also. I guess I should try harder than I do to get excited about it. Some people are still riled up over it. But what on earth is this all about?

It's probably more simple than I think it is. Hillary is a woman. But Bill gets it too. Take away the ambition and the politics and you would have a family hardly different than the average on Main Street USA. Michelle Obama gets it, but not to the extent that Hillary does. The other simple possibility is that Hillary is always around to shoot arrows at. Nothing I can think of seems like enough except for the computer thing, which is a long shot. Can it be that there is a segment of American society that is so passed by that they don't even know what a server is, and this while information about it is in ads and on the media every hour of every day?

This idea seems far-fetched to put it mildly, but what else could be less far-fetched and seem mildly truthful? Probably the simplest thing of all: American patriarchy. That would help explain the mysteriousness that seems attached to Hillary. The language used to describe her seems so unruly that it must be something deep. American society is patriarchal. The media is obsessively patriarchal. Probably that is why the subject is rarely brought up or even suggested. Hillary also seems worried by it. Sometimes she makes statements about herself that seem unnecessarily negative. She rebukes herself, "I am not a natural politician." Meaning she is not a natural like Bill is. The recent "short circuit" statement was odd and unnecessary. But often times she speaks brilliantly with clarity, and she demonstrates a mind that has thoughtful depth to it.

I'd like to know if anybody can think of a person whose experience was deeper and more various. It is very interesting to observe how all her experience is played up as meaningless. Nobody seems to remember it. In the end this election will come down not to jobs, jobs, jobs or economy or immigration, it will come down to whether or not America is ready to put a dent in American Patriarchy.

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