Friday, July 8, 2016

Just Different

When we can't understand our love,
how can we stand by it?
We are different!

Our apartment beside the bend in the river
leaves small room to expand.
We go to work.

We have heard the word "crazy".
At work won't they tell us?
Won't they warn us?

Won't the buzz at work warn us?
But our chats around the water cooler
yield nothing new.

Expectantly we cleave to the work.
Beauty is far away, long walks
in nature are a waste of time.

TV and Facebook make us nauseous.
How have we escaped expertise
in the latest starlet's love life?

In the dark under what rock do we live?
You do not know! YOU DO NOT KNOW!
Why have you not friended anybody?

How can we understand anything?
Why would God make us thus?
Our best friend is funky darkness.

Direction by starlight is lost.
We have ceased all treatment.
Look! We're still alive, still seek to touch.
What's it to you if we are different?

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