Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hillary, Teflon Don and Internet Pain


Now Hillary is getting lambasted again. She smells, has to be reminded to take a shower, she is a power maniac; she'll do anything to get power, lie, steal, murder and Billy is even worse. She has a malignant personality, she hates everyone, and her self hatred is even worse. The Trump people want to kill her, which is a true possibility, and I hope she makes it. I can't understand why they pound on her like they do. A server is nothing. I don't get it. Whitewater was nothing, nobody ever came up with anything definite. There has never been a smoking gun. Billy's peccadillos are funny. It makes you scratch your head. One of the first things I remember about Hillary was when she sat in front of the TV cameras one night over twenty years ago and tried to make sense of Whitewater. What can it mean? Is she the one that all the guys hate because she is smart? She and Bill make a good team, but they do get into errata. I think they are idealistic and enthusiastic and that is part of the reason. Both are infinitely photographable. Every photo has about it something interesting, Hillary's sunglasses and her Blackberry, for instance. They are attractive and mysterious and complicated. The intellectual part of me loves them because they are noir, existentially shady. It is the way she is, and Billy is the same. I guess you could see how an alpha personality could get into an uproar over them. Even their presence would be offensive. Besides you can't get rid of them. You can't scare them away. Usually you can convince those kinds of people to disappear without much effort. But the Clintons hang around; negative vibes even seem to inspire them.

Also what is important to remember about the Clintons is that they are just regular folks. They were not from rich families, they did not get the treatment. There is in them a great deal of spunk. Maybe they don't act exactly right at times. They carry on when you'd swear that maybe it would look better if they didn't, if maybe they'd just sort of twirl away into the sunset for a while. The worst of it is that they have been doing it for so long that they make everybody else look like beginners. That must really piss off quite a few peers who covet the spotlight too. A lot of it, I believe, is just plain jealousy.

Maybe that has something to do with it. I am trying to think of anything like it in my experience and I can't. Nobody understands that she was Secretary of State, a US Senator and a hard to ignore First Lady, and it is natural to think that classified messages, which seem to be at the center of the current hubbub, were apt to come her way without her knowing that they are "sensitive". (Incidentally, that is the most ridiculous epithet in the sordid history of epithets.) So happens she is back in hot water again.

Everyday I am at a loss how the American populace could possibly screw up so thoroughly. I have theorized about the decline in public education that has been going on for the last fifty years or so. How could they be such morons? Let me explain this one more time: there is no top secret on the Internet, there is no classified on the Internet. When something gets on the Internet it is fair game for everybody. This means you can't send cleavage photos to your boyfriend and not expect them to end up eventually somewhere you'd rather not have them be. If you are a famous person, you can't sit there with your iPhone and open your bank account or communicate with someone in a way that doesn't look good. I have carried on about this again and again. Nobody pays the least attention. Why?

(But on the other hand that may be to the good because nothing is secret any more! Isn't that wonderful. Nobody can get away with anything! The idea that there can be top secret information, information that one person or group of persons knows and nobody else knows, is a delusion. If the info is on the Cloud or touches the Cloud in any way, it is not secret or confidential any more.)

Now you are stuck with trust. If you don't trust, then you have to go back to the mail, you have to pay by cash. You have to put your Top Secret docs in the corner of your cheek or up your ass like the gumshoes used to. But there are ways around this; you can work hard and develop a home server—what is there about that phrase, home server, that gets people so hot-to-trot? I have theorized that it is Google terror.—, or if you are rich and famous, you can hire somebody to install a home server for you. Then you might be able to get by. There are OSes that are hard to get into—Microsoft Windows is not one of them. If you have hired a person who knows what she is doing, then the trust thing is not so much of an issue any more. UNIX style OSes are much more secure and hard to break into.

Who cares? People rich or poor are gonna do it no matter how many times you tell them not to because it is convenient and they really don't understand. Or want to understand. They'll just tell you in a huff, "I don't wanna do it any other way!" I believe there will be a period of adjustment before the human race finally comes to the conclusion that they can't secretly do anything they want to any more and get away with it. Why should Hillary Clinton be any different than the thousands of others who have run into this problem? She has admitted it at least a hundred times in the past year or so. But I bet she won't stop doing it. After all it was bad luck that anybody found out. She is too smart to miss that fact. Maybe it was once in a lifetime bad luck.

So far Teflon Don has got away with it. But he knows how to use paper and a safe with a lock on it. He also seems disinclined to take notes or keep records because it gets in the way of "speaking from the heart". Big business trickery is deeply ingrained in his days and works. He lets it fly. We'll soon find out how long that lasts. Not long I bet. He's not very bright, and without the Internet he knows he hasn't got a prayer. Who's gonna give him any money? Though fabulously wealthy, how much cash has he got, really? Soon he'll be suffering Internet pain like everybody else.

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