Sunday, June 5, 2016

Before the Angst

Before the angst were untangled forests,
clear-water lakes, whose depths
waver and are magnified. The fish swim
in rivers clear enough to drink.

Glorious dawns rise unsmeared
by the detritus at horizon’s edge,
our human contribution to progress,
smoky fires, a-bombs, engine trash.

The forests and plains are rich with meat.
Our wild ponies run straight.
We hunt bravely with strong legs and back.
Our arrows fly true and quick.

Before the angst we learned to walk through
blinding violence to find peace.
We studied deep darkness and bone cold,
and learned to live with solitude.

We make snowshoes by hand with simple tools.
We prepare the animals we hunt
to provide life-giving meat. Our great friend,
the night time sky, inspires us.

We believe in the spirits who speak to us,
"We are with you even after death."
In them we trust like stone and fire;
they lead us to decide.

Before the angst were untangled forests
whose big trees reach heaven.
Brave dapple stallions raced on a plain
of endless horizon and towering sky.

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