Friday, June 24, 2016


Richie downstairs honked at me today
for stomping too loud down the staircase.
But he didn't look angry.

He's a weird looking guy.
Eyeballs popping out--a pot smoking wonder.
It's beyond him ever to look angry.

Pot smoke trailed out the door,
as he leaned to snort at me.
We help each other.

Two minutes later Mary chided,
"Why's your car crowding my spot?
Will you park in straight?"

She and husband Dan became friends after the divorce.
She lives alone now. She was generous
to me with spare furniture.

Then the wife called complaining about money.
"Where's my money? I need to know."
Small things make her uneasy.

She was a good wife for 25 years.
I was far away on vacation with my books.
She always kept occupied.

All that happened within five minutes.
Does the universe run by accident?
That makes you think so.

I think after 70 years
not accidental so as to be deadly,
less you're inclined to volunteer,
but ulcers and shortness of breath, sure.

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