Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cable Management

Why worry that you squander your free time
when you practice cable management
in a computer case?  Is it that screw driver?
Is employment of an hex bit an occasion of sin?

Think so?  They're everywhere.  Grab one.  Handle it!
Open that box.  See the kludge of wires?
Don't listen to your psychiatrist.  Hate disorder!
Wave round that screwdriver and let down the wires.

Twisty-ties make good cable management.
At the auto parts store buy slip in tubes.
Jam the wires inside the tubes and hang them
on clamps that you have screwed down.  The order

is purer, less confusion of hung up, tangled wires.
The wires are cleared away from the case fans
and the fan's windy tempest blows unhampered.
Blow winds, blow cool air past my trusty Mugen.

Inside the case are parts that can't get hot.
When they get hot, they tend to cease working.
You can utilize all day Sunday in worries
about your CPU temp in Weapons of War Craft.

My trusty Mugen controls the temps.
We think all day Sunday about the case fans,
the windy tempest inside, the screw driver,
the wires, the switch that turns the fans to high.

Who said that there is something wrong with us?
Why do you think we are wasting our time?
It's just a machine, not an occasion for sin.
But it does tend to need a loving dusting.

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