Sunday, April 10, 2016

God Help Us

Now comes inside the house the chaos outside.
Once a back door opened into nature.
I pray to escape this lonely place.
But how can God help me?
Good luck offering forgiveness to stone!
Jesus says, forgive them. Look where that got Him.
That's His world. No less evil now than
when He had to redeem it.
Tanks crawl rattling through mankind's first nest.
Deserted stone & sand on TV.
We rape the home towns of ancients and we rape nature.
Look, we are into it!
The old empire was called peace compared to this.
Watch them on TV break the ancient scrolls!
Faceless men swing sledgehammers, crowbars;
in a frenzy bust them to pieces!
If there would be God, how can He permit it?
His creation acting so badly?
These barbarians break into the ancient tombs.
Heroes of the dead legends awake!
Battle lines flutter along the horizon at sunset.
The attack comes fiercely from the night.
Jet fighters like lit candles replace ancient chariots.
The warriors shatter the darkness.
How has man renounced his instinct for order & synthesis?
Whence comes fanaticism?
In my hands the scrolls of Jesus keep.
Are we now too free? Not free enough.
How does economics instruct everyman to rape?
Everyman has become disharmony.
The winds blow. Blow winds blow! Nature sighs!
Faith in God won't tell you why.
Everyman shouts through the jargon & pot smoke.
He groans and cynical words come out.
Avoid rational thought. Truth is inexplicable.
Stubborn virtue and character makes a man poor.
Heedless money tattoos rich, poor, honest, dishonest.
Money has broken the covenant of law with truth.
Only who money raises can do what money says.
Money instructs what they call truth.
Marriage once transparent is fouled and dark.
Nobody wants it. Who wants a tissue of lies?
Step outside into nature's gaudy tatters.
(You can smell, taste the air's rampant impurity.)
Nature is sneaking away, dry and sere.
Watch her sneak away.
Nature drenches us from mysterious extremes.
What can you do about ocean currents?
Once understanding dawn and dusk was enough.
You could go far understanding dawn and dusk.
At dawn you knew what to do.
At dusk you knew what to do.
I have quit wondering. It is too complicated.
I have quit dreaming. It is too complicated.
There is no escape. There's no back door.
You cannot live without faith!
Will God help us? Or let us go.
He has still got a lot tied up in it.

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