Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Legend of a New Age

In the most distant field strode a great horse.
In the horse's belly a cell was impregnated.
The cell grew and became a human boy.
The boy thrived in the great horse's power.

Then a woman of the town was chosen
for it was time the boy come open.
She went alone into the distant field
on a green knoll rising from the salt marsh.

When the horse saw her, he lay on his side.
She severed his pale belly and in blood soaked arms
she drew the child unto her swollen breasts.
Then she wrapped him in a blanket and went home.

At the death of the great horse a mist came
and a powerful storm swept in from the ocean
while the ground heaved and gently enveloped him.
Then the rich built on this land great houses.

When the boy became a man he doubted,
he doubted his father and they fought terribly.
Even when the great houses covered the field,
it remained sacred and taught him to imagine.

He doubted everything and terribly he fought
but light laughter stole in like a horse.

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