Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Family Man

When my brother was discharged from the army,
he went to work in the engine factory in Rivertown.
He had wanted to be a hero to get a good wife,
but he had been just an ordinary foot soldier.

One day he went hunting. He crossed the fields
and went alone into the birch woods in the valley
and went up the mountainside into the snow
where a deer was below in the scrub on the ridge.

He tracked it in the snow down into the trees
and killed it in the brush in a berry meadow.
And he rested; then on his knees he skinned the animal
but disposed of the skinned flesh in a dry ditch.

He bundled the skin and, carrying it under his arm,
he marched toward home. He had not traveled far
when the skin unfurled and spread over him.
Inside were violent palpitations of darkness and light.

After a time he emerged out of skin and blood.
The struggle had been hard. He still worked at the factory.
Then he was enabled to choose a young woman
of the town who consented to become his wife.

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