Saturday, December 26, 2015

Is Experience Enough?

In order to make a mixture of cement good
for laying up stone or other general work,
shovel into a spacious container
four heaping portions of clean sand,
one portion of cement, and half a portion of lime.
Apply a hoe to this mixture,
energetically scraping it back and forth
until the material is thoroughly mixed.
It is best then to push it into a mound
in whose center a depression is formed
deep enough to contain a gallon of water.
Shovel briskly the dry over the wet,
adding more water in small portions
until wet and dry are indistinguishable,
and the mixture is balanced in sticky suspension.
Of this work I am passing certain;
and submit that these facts of experience
possess rhythm and splendor equal
with any imagination inspired by Helicon.

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