Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dec 23, 2013—Winter Project

                       This was the worst day for icing I have seen in a long time.  The tree limbs are arced over toward the ground and the electric lines are weighed down almost to where they must snap. It is work walking anywhere. I have to start up the old yard truck to carry me where I want to go. I simply cannot walk on this uneven wet glare ice. The 4wd in the old truck still works fine. One of the tires is almost flat; the better will it pull on the ice. I have in mind a project for today. It is not cold, hovering around 30f. The rain, which freezes on anything it falls on, downpours every now and then. The old disgusting barn we started raising goats in almost twenty years ago is now for the most part empty. For awhile we kept bucks in it so I call it the buck barn. Once upon a time Charlie Connell, a neighbor, took down an old barn, thinking he might build a barn himself with it, but he never got around to it, and then he died and his family sold the pile of old rough boards to me for $75. Took me awhile to transport it all home. Somebody had already removed most of the nails. No way to build a proper foundation except by digging ditches and throwing in stones I had gathered, but I got to work and soon my wife and I had a shelter for her rapidly multiplying herd of goats. Believe it or not, our goats seemed much happier in that crumbling old barn than anywhere we have put them since. Now, though in the same state of ruination, it tends to be my summer home—chickens in the back. And in winter, when the weather is terrible, a biting chill and frozen rain, I have a mind to amuse myself with a carpentry project. I have cleaned the barn out, as I tend to be disorganized, and snugged it up, and I have a few of my power tools set up, and I have shortly ago taken a trip to the dump for some new furniture, and I went to Lowe's and bought a drawer slider set, and I have in mind to build me a desk for my ever increasing pile of computer junk. I am running two computers at once. One of the monitors I actually bought at a store, the other a Hanns-G, a very fine monitor, though elderly, but mat and comfortable to stare at for hour after hour, I got in a trade for 35 dozen fresh eggs. (I had a lot of chickens at the time.) The poor fellow soon ended up in a divorce and he moved to Atlanta and he never did get the eggs but I got the monitor, which is easily my favorite—no glare, I don't know how they did it. A third monitor will be coming soon, when I run into more junk. So I need room. Especially I need a slide out shelf to put an extra keyboard and mouse on. The sliders came with no instructions at all. How do they go together? I had to use the precious gray matter. It was not like figuring out Emmanuel Kant or Ludwig Wittgenstein. I think you never really figure them out. You get a general idea, but just when you think you have all the answers, some new trouble comes up. I had trouble enough figuring out how to install that sliding shelf, and how to put the junky desk together so that it might be usable. That's one thing you never do get out of Kant, in my opinion, something usable. It took two years to figure out Wittgenstein's Tractatus but that only left me in the middle of even more mysteries; mysteries, incidentally, Wittgenstein claims do not exist. So it was great amusement figuring out how to build this contraption but not like the amusement one finds in Spinoza or Descartes, not like the amusement one finds in Shakespeare or Dante. I thought, as I was putting this piece of serviceable nothingness together, how much fun I was having after sitting around for two days because of the terrible weather. I was using my hands and my gray matter. I guess plenty of people will disagree with me but damned if what I got out of it in total, three or four hours of fun and a table to put my computer junk on, is more than ever I got out of any book. Can that truly be? The juice never did go out, ice burdening the power lines or no. I thought it was something of a miracle. I finished and made it back inside the house in plenty of time to bug my wife with another winter project I have in mind. This one requires that you have to drill a few holes in the house. She wasn't too happy with that.

This is what I came out with. Now I have room for one more monitor. I wish the Macbook was a Thinkpad.

More projects are scheduled for this winter. It is predicted to be a long one.

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