Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Thanksgiving List from Pablo

Everybody knows I am addicted to lists. This is my T-day list:

1.  First freedom, this above all.  Praise to democratic man!

2.  Don't forget error.  How can you explain it?  Just because there are two points of view, why does that have to mean that one is in error?

3.  If you do anything mistakes happen, and they are essential.  Get over it.

4.  If a website doesn't open, don't spend ten hours trying to get in.  Forget about it and try again tomorrow.  A lot of things are like that.

5.  It is not true that you don't know anything.  It is true that you don't know much.

6.  The way of doing something you are most familiar with may not be the right way or even the way you'd want to use.

7.  It is better to have somebody pass you the potato than to be damned to taking it for yourself.

8.  Congratulate yourself.  You have made it this far.

9.  Don't trust in God.  Figure it out for yourself.

10. There's more than one dog show in town.  And every dog will have its day.

11. An empty room is not perfect, it is empty.

Have a great Thanksgiving from StoryNoir, me Pablo.

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