Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013

Spent an hour or so looking at the news on You Tube. What does that mean? I wonder how history will be written from now on. One journalist claimed the non-existence of cow tipping by stating that he couldn't find an example of it on You Tube! This week some high school kids (which brings up another question—how ineffably stupid are high schoolers nowadays) put a kitten in the microwave, recorded it being roasted and uploaded it to You Tube! This is not funny! The kids were met with a great judgment from the public, and they will probably get a slap on the wrist. To raise the bar somewhat, even politics is beginning to notice the outcry from the internet following public. For the first time in my life a military action is being widely discussed. I think the American entry into Kosovo may be close to what has happened concerning Syria over the last few weeks. But there was never any doubt the American military would end up there. Syria seems to be genuinely subject to contention from all sides. Even tea partiers are being invited to the White House for a "top secret" briefing. Of course when they are let loose, the top secrecy ends up in the general contentiousness. Last night President Obama informed the public that he did not have in mind for the Syrians a "pin prick" strike. The Pentagon has something worse in mind, which should be obvious to everybody. But he also expended a good part of the speech explaining why he would like a unified public response. No president in my lifetime that I know of has ever made such statements. When the US went into Iraq and Afghanistan, there was not even a whimper toward a debate. And now this! This is much better. I do not think the public will be consulted in this way as a general rule. Usually the military has American politics by the throat, and that won't change any time soon. Nor can I imagine a precedent being set. But this debate does mean that the WWW must be reckoned with, and my hope is that one day it will be top dog among all the barking dogs. Let the ages old doctrine that the people are licentious and riotous die a death. In the next few weeks peace or war may be decided by them who morn and bury the dead.

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