Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The American Grand Funk

                                 Our black (Hawaiian) president, just having got re-elected by a wide margin, who is honestly without fault, unlike his friend The Clint, is back at it with the Republican majority in the House. They show him only minimal deference. In fact they are quite chummy in a way that is almost hard to believe. It is hard to imagine anyone not already dead who is unwilling to defer to the great majority of the American Republic respectfully, I guess, if not with awe. And yet there are such souls, and President (whom they refer to as Mr as if nothing at all has recently transpired) Obama, being the faultless pol he is, knows that somehow he has to work with them. But the question of seeming to get anything done appears by-the-by. As if proceeding in confluence with nature—three hundred years of history, for they appear stubborn as General Lee's army at Gettysberg—, they waylay and disrupt, while at the same time denying responsibility. Sometimes it seems they are not even interested in getting re-elected.
  The question of secession from the union has come up. Texas has always wanted to secede; so they will secede from the southern tier of states, and not go with them on anything; that leaves the Pacific states, who will not go with Texas on anything; and it is hard to imagine Idaho and Washington going with California on anything. Is that the future of a once proud republic? Rather I can imagine the military stepping in. I am not sure America is strong enough any more to fight it off.
  So problems go unresolved, and important matters, untouched, proceed from bad to worse. A well run republic depends on the activity of its governors; if there is no activity there is no well run republic. This truth is so inescapable that the present funk must at some point be recognized and addressed. The question is when?
  One good example of the funk overwhelming us is our present sullen companionship with the NRA and their one love on earth—the assault rifle. Built for no reason, apparently, except to kill large numbers of individuals at a single bound, she has become their baby. Heaven be anything should happen to her! They are sold everywhere to anyone. They can use large capacity clips. And they are symbolic to me of the grand funk.
  Recently, a young man shot twenty babies in an elementary school in Sandy Hook. He was supposedly afflicted with Aspergers, but we all know how easily a rich family can get any diagnoses its little heart desires. No psychiatrist is going to say to a well-to-do parent: "He hasn't got anything, he's just a feelingless bastard." So since Autism is the present disorder of choice, the kid has Autism, and we go from there. Aspergers has not even been very well defined.
  Anyway, Aspergers or not, he shot his mother, gun owner and enthusiast, who encouraged in her little bastard a love of guns, and then he drove down the street to an elementary school. He still had plenty of ammo when he shot himself. The motive is a mystery, probably some personal hallucination. I am terrified to think how much worse it could have been. And could this be the new norm?
  These incidents are happening every other day, and they all involve these types of weapons. No amount of bloodshed will change their availability. The NRA will not let any bill restricting them out of committee, so we are stuck with assault weapons the same as we are stuck with the deficit and inadequate health care. Funny the deference given the NRA that is withheld from our black president from the great state of Hawaii. Aloha!

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